Topics can be used for tracking in Reports, as conditions in Workflows, and to make manual alerting faster and easier.


To reach the Topics page, hover over Administration in the menu bar and select Topics.

To create a topic, click Add Topic and enter the required fields. The Topic Name must be a unique name to describe the topic. Use different Topics for each Priority/SLA.

To edit a Topic’s detail, click on an existing Topic. Then, you may set a pre-loaded alert message text and assign groups to the Topic.

Use Topics when sending Alerts

Select Topics when sending a manual alert.

Automatically assign Groups using Topics.

Pre-set default message text.

Group Topics

Assign Topics to Groups in Group Management.

Workflows Topics

Use Topics as Start Conditions in Workflows.

Inbound Mapping

Map Inbound Mapping fields to the Topic field.

Use Topics rather than recipients for assignment, or use Topics for tracking.

Topics in Reports

Track by Topics in Reports.

  • Alert Summary
  • Alert Trend
  • Open Alerts
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