View My Profile by clicking on the avatar icon on the top, right-hand corner. On the My Profile page, you may edit and/or view your user details. 

User Details

Change Your Name or Username

  1. In the My Profile page, enter a new username, First Name, or Last Name.

  2. Click Update

Contact Methods

Add contact methods so AlertOps knows how to contact you. You may select contact methods such as email, SMS, or phone. Push notification contact methods are added automatically after a user registers their AlertOps mobile app. To add a contact method: 

  1. Click on Add Contact Method in the bottom, right-hand corner. 

  2. Select a Contact Method from the drop-down menu.

  3. Add Contact Detail based on the type of contact method. 

  4. Click the green checkmark. 


View or Edit your User Roles. To edit User Roles, you must have the App Admin Role or Owner Role. 

Click here to learn more about user roles. 


View the groups you belong to and your Group Member Roles. 

Click here to learn more about groups. 


View or export your schedule for all your groups. 

Use WebCal or iCal to export your user schedule to platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar. 


  1. Click My Profile in the top right corner. 

  2. Select the Schedules tab.

  3. Click WebCal Feed URL. The URL will be copied. 

  4. Enter this URL into the calendar platform you wish to import your schedule to. 


  1. Click My Profile in the top right corner. 

  2. Select the Schedules tab.

  3. Click iCal Export. Your user schedule will be downloaded as an .ical/.ics file. 

  4. Open the file using your desired calendar platform. 

Click here to learn more about schedules. 


Add out-of-office schedules so alerts will be sent to a covering user. 

Click here to learn about configuring out-of-office schedules. 

Change Password

  1. On the My Profile page, click Change Password

  2. Complete the required fields. 

  3. Click Change

Reset Password

If you forget your password, you may reset it. To reset your password, you must be logged out of AlertOps

  1. Go to your AlertOps login page. (for example:

  2. Click Reset Password.

  3. Enter your username, and a reset password email will be sent to you at your official email.  


To see date and time displayed in the format common to your location, update the Locale to the appropriate region.

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