Import New Users Using a Excel Template

Download the Template

  1. Click Users from Main menu

  2. Click 'BULK ADD' in Users page

  3. Click 'DOWNLOAD BLANK TEMPLATE' button in User Import page

  4. Open the downloaded template and fill out 'Users' tab and then save it. UserName, FirstName, LastName, Email-Official, and User Role are required.

The Users Page

Completed Template

Import Users Using the Completed Template

  1. Click on Users in the menu bar. 

  2. From the Users screen, click 'BULK ADD'.

  3. In User Import page Click 'Browse' button and select the completed Template file and click 'NEXT' button

Bulk Add User Page

Processing Results Page

Export Existing Users

  1. Click on Users from the Main Menu. 

  2. Select 'EXPORT' to download the spreadsheet

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