You can set a user’s out of office profile so that alert notifications will be redirected to a covering person while the user is out of office. You can create more than one Out of Office configuration per each user, however they cannot have overlapping dates.

Configure the Out of Office Feature for a User

  1. Click Users in the menu bar.
  2. Select a User’s Profile.
  3. From the User Management page, click the Out of Office tab.
  4. Click Add OOF.
  5. Enter Details. 
  6. Click Save.

Out Of Office can also be entered from the mobile app.

  1. With the app, press Menu
  2. Select Schedules
  3. From the User page, press the OOF button
  4. Enter Details
  5. Once all information has been entered, the OK button is available to finish

OOF Details

In the Out Of Office configuration screen, enter a start date and end date. You can create entries for entire days or partial days during the out of office period. For example, for entire day coverage, set the start time as 00:00 and the end time as 23:59.

Next, set the Covering Person. You can designate a single covering person for all groups. Or, you can designate covering person for each specific group.  You may specify a covering person for each team, or you may choose to select a cover for only some teams.  In this case, you will still receive notifications for teams you did not designate a covering person.

Click Save once you are finished entering the details.

Multiple Out Of Office days:

User Schedules view showing blank for dates when user is not on schedule:

In the Group Administration, the Group Calendar view reflects the out office coverage:

The Group Schedule editor also reflects the out office coverage:

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