Notify One Primary Only

Follow the instructions below to set up notifications for a single primary user in an on-call schedule.

First, set up a rotating on-call schedule in the Group to include only one Primary member.

Next, set the Escalation Rule User Contact Notifications to include Primary Member only.

Next, configure the Primary Member Role settings in the Escalation Rule as needed.

Notify More Than One Primary

How to send notifications to more than one Primary on-call user using the same notification rules for all primaries.

In your Group Schedule, configure multiple Primary users. The sequence of the users in the schedule determines the escalation sequence.

In your Escalation Rule User Contact Notifications, ensure that the Primary Member role is included.

Configure the Primary Role notification sequence in the Escalation Rule. Define how many retries, the interval between retries, and which device contacts will be notified.

Each Primary Member in the On-Call schedule will be notified sequentially until the alert has been assigned or closed.

Notify Primary then Escalate to Secondary

Notify primary members, then escalate to secondary members. Use different notification rules for each role.

First, configure your Group on-call schedule to include Primary and Secondary members. Always position the Primary Members before the Secondary Members, the notification sequence follows this sequence.

You can include multiple primary and/or secondary members.

Each will be notified in turn according to their sequence and according to the Escalation Rule Member Role timings.

Configure the Escalation Rule User Contact Notifications to include both Primary and Secondary members.

Configure the Escalation Rule Primary Member Role notification settings.

Configure the Escalation Rule Secondary Member Role notification settings.

Escalate to Manager

Escalate to a Group Manager after all other escalations.

In your Group, configure a user in the Manager Role. Do not include the Manager in the On-Call Rotation.

Include the Manager Member Role in the Escalation Rule User Notifications.

Configure the Manager Role Notification Settings in the Escalation Rule Member Roles.

Notify a Group of Managers

Notify a Manager Group immediately.

Create a Group with users in the Manager Member Role. Do not create an on-call schedule.

Add the Manager Group under the Groups tab of a Escalation Rule.

The managers will be notified immediately according the Manager Member Role notification settings under the Member Roles tab.

Sequence #1 – Member Roles

Alerts are delivered by Member Role:

  1. Primary Members

  2. Secondary Members

  3. Manager Members

Sequence #2 – Groups

AlertOps looks for all Group Recipients.

Sequence #3 – Group Schedules

AlertOps looks at each group recipient to see if there is a schedule in effect.


If a group has one or more schedules created but there is a gap in the schedules, AlertOps will assume you do not want the Group to receive alerts during the scheduling gap.

This allows you to define alert protocols for on-call hours only but ignore alerts during normal business hours, when other alert protocols may be in effect.

Sequence #4 – Group Schedules

If a group is using schedules, AlertOps gets the user members from the schedule in effect.

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