Manage your SLAs

Define SLAs and use Workflows that take action based on SLA targets. Use Reports that track SLA performance to manage your operations.

Define SLAs

Set SLAs in Escalation Rules. You can easily clone a Escalation Rule and create as many varieties as you like.

Use SLA-based Workflows

Create Workflow Actions that kick into place when an SLA is threatened or passed.

Track SLAs

Track and manage SLAs with Reporting.

SLA Override

You can override SLAs in the Escalation Rules page.

Click on Escalation Rules in the menu bar. Then, select an existing escalation rule. Click on the Other tab. From this tab, you may enter a number of hours next to SLA.

Using SLAs in Workflows

You can use SLAs in Workflows as Start Conditions.

There is a Time Before SLA Start Condition and a Time After SLA Start Condition, both are in minutes.

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