The Maintenance Window allows users to temporarily prevent the creation of new alerts from any and all integration source(s). Once an integration is removed from the maintenance window, its normal functionality will begin automatically.

When an integration source is in maintenance, you can use a Maintenance Window to disable the service until its maintenance down time has passed.

Add an Integration to the Maintenance Window

  1. Click Integrations > Click Maintenance Windows

  2. Click Add Maintenance Window and add details.

Maintenance Window Details

Recurrence: Set recurrence based on your needs:

  • Once: For a one time maintenance.

  • Daily: Pause an integration source daily (open ended or within a date range).

  • Weekly: Pause an integration source weekly, based on the selected week days (selecting at least one weekday is mandatory). It can be open ended or a date range can be selected.

  • Monthly: Pause an integration source monthly, based on a particular day of the month. It recurs on the day selected for the following months in the selected date range.

Integration: Select the integration source you wish to temporarily pause.

Start Date: Select the date you wish to pause the integration source.

Start Time: Select the time of the day at which the integration source will be paused.

End Date: Select the day you wish to resume an integration source’s normal functionality.

End Time: Select the time of the day at which the integration source will resume normal functionality.

Week Day
: For Weekly recurrence types, Select the days of the week you wish to pause an integration source.

Status: See your integration source’s maintenance status.

  • Current: When an integration source is currently in maintenance, it can be partly edited.

  • Planned: When an integration source is scheduled for a future maintenance, and it can be edited.

  • Past: When an integration source completed its maintenance, and it cannot be edited.

The Inbound Messages received from an integration in the maintenance window (potentially new alerts) will have a Mapping Status of Maintenance and will not be mapped. An Inbound Message for closing an alert, for instance, can be mapped to an existing alert. 

Edit an Integration in the Maintenance Window

  1. On the Maintenance Window Page, Under Action, Click on the Edit button.

  2. Make necessary changes and click Update

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