Send a Manual Alert

  1. Click on Create Alert in the menu-bar. 

  2. Select a Escalation Rule.

  3. Select a Topic.

  4. Add Recipient(s)

  5. Enter a Subject and Message Text

  6. Click Send.

Message Preview

Click Preview before sending you manual alert to view the recipients (both Groups and Users), that will be receiving the alert.

You can remove any user’s contact method here, so if you don’t want the Manager’s phone to ring you can uncheck their phone contact.

Use Topics with Manual Pageouts

Add a Topic to a manual alert to quickly and accurately select recipient Groups and a Message Text associated with the Topic. 

Automatic Recipient Selection and Message Text

This example shows how a Topic can be used in a manual alert to select Group recipient(s) and load a Message Text associated with the Topic. 

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