Alert Analysis Report

The Alert Analysis report shows the various channels over which alerts have been sent and which recipients received the alerts.

Alert Analysis – by Escalation Rule

Drill down by Escalation Rule

Alert Analysis – by Group

Drill down by Group

Alert Summary Report

The Alert Summary Report shows:

  • SLA performance

  • Number of alerts by topic

  • Number of alerts assigned to people

  • Number of alerts by status

The report can be filtered by Group.

Alert Assignment

Alert Assignment shows the distribution of alerts per person. The report can be filtered by Group and Priority.

Alert Trend Report

The Alert Trend Report can be run for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly periods. The report can be filtered by any combination of Topic, Priority and Group.

Time to Acknowledge

MTTA tracks time to acknowledgement. The report can be filtered by Group.

Time to Resolve

MTTR tracks time to resolution. The report can be filtered by Group.

Open Alerts Report

The Open Alerts Report allows you to view current alerts that are open. You can drill down on each of the links to view the set of open alerts for each category. You can drill down further to access the alert detail. The report can filtered by Group.

Open Alerts 

Drill down by SLA Violation, Top 5 Assignees, Priority, Status, or Topics. 

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