1. In Okta, click on the Admin Menu.

2. Under Shortcuts, click Add Applications.

3. Search for AlertOps then click Add.

4. Enter your AlertOps Subdomain and then click Done.

5. Click Assign and then Assign to People to add users to access AlertOps

6. Click on Sign On tab and then click View Setup Instructions button.

7. Open AlertOps configuration. In another browser window, go to AlertOps website and click Account in the menu-bar

8. Check “Use Single Sign-On (SSO)” checkbox in the top left section.

9. Complete the “Single Sign-On (SSO)” section:

  • SSO Provider: Select Okta as SSO Provider

  • Issuer URL: Copy Identity Provider Issuer from Okta

  • SAML endpoint URL: Copy Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL from Okta

  • SAML Signature algorithm: Choose SHA256

  • X.509 Certificate: Copy X.509 Certificate from Okta

10. Click “Save” Button when complete. 

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