Integration Guide

AlertOps Configuration

  1. From the main menu, expand Integrations and then select Inbound Integrations from the sub menu.
  2. Select the Chat tab, press the Add Integration button.
  3. You should now be on the Chat Integration Detail page. Select Microsoft Teams from the Integration Template dropdown menu.
  4. Enter a name for the integration. Select an escalation rule to determine the integration's escalation policy. And, enter the names of recipient user(s) and recipient group(s). 
  5. Click Save Changes.

Next, add Microsoft Teams to the Group Contact Notifications section of your Escalation Rule.

After completing the integration setup, alerts sent to this group will appear in the Teams chat window.

Microsoft Teams Configuration

  1. Download the AlertOps' Microsoft Teams application zip file. Contact  to get the file. 
  2. Click Teams in the menu bar.
  3. Choose the team you wish to integrate AlertOps with. Click ... and then Manage Team 
  4. Select the Apps tab
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Upload a Custom App
  6. Open the AlertOps' Microsoft Teams zip file. The app should now be installed. 
  7. Click Teams in the menu bar.
  8. Hover over the team channel you want to add AlertOps to and click ... and then Connectors. 
  9. Find AlertOps. Click Configure
  10. Enter your subdomain and click Visit Site to Install 
  11. Login to your site and choose a group to connect Microsoft Teams. 
  12. Click Connect to Office 365 and the integration will be complete.

After completing the integration setup, alerts sent to this group will appear in your Microsoft Teams channel. 

AlertOps Bot

  1. Configure the AlertOps bot in Microsoft Teams. First, go to your Microsoft Teams integration in AlertOps. Click Copy API Token
  2. Enter @AlertOps setup [API Token] into the Microsoft Teams channel. 
  3. Receive a message from AlertOps: "Setup completed"


  • Create New Alert: @AlertOps open [subject] 
  • Close Alert: @AlertOps close [AlertID] resolution
  • Acknowledge Alert: @AlertOps ack [AlertID]
  • Assign Alert: @AlertOps assign [AlertID]
  • Update Alert: @AlertOps reply [AlertID] [message]
  • Escalate Alert: @AlertOps escalate [AlertID]

Note: AlertOps First Name and Last Name must match Microsoft Teams First Name and Last Name for commands to work.

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