To create alerts in AlertOps when a ticket is created in Connectwise, begin by creating a new Inbound Integration in AlertOps.  This will provide the URL needed to configure a Callback in ConnectWise.

Create a new Inbound Integration by choosing the Inbound Integration sub-menu from the Integrations menu.  On the API tab (default) select Add API Integration.  On the Detail screen, choose ConnectWise Manage.

On the resulting page, enter the header information, including Integration Name (or keep the default), select an Escalation Rule to define the delivery of notifications, and select a Recipient Group.  Press Save.

Once you save the Integration, the Advanced Settings tab becomes available.  Select that tab and you will see the API URL at the top of the page.  This will be used to configure the Callback in ConnectWise Manage.

Expand the URL Mapping section.  

The Open and Close conditions for the template are mapped to the Entity^TicketStatus field in the inbound data.  The values provided are common words used in ConnectWise Manage ticket statuses, but if you have modified your status values in ConnectWise Manage, be sure to add the appropriate key words to the Open and/or Close conditions.  Save if you made any changes.

Setup the Callback in ConnectWise Manage.

A Callback in Connectwise is used to send a JSON message to the AlertOps Inbound Web API.  From the Setup menu, select Setup Tables.

From the Setup Tables page, in the Table field, enter Integrator and press Search.

Select the Integrator Login table.  In the Integrator Login List page, press the + sign to add a new Integrator Login.

Give your login a Username and password, and set the access level to All Records.

Scroll down the page through the APIs and select Service Ticket.  Paste the URL from the AlertOps Integration above into the Callback URL, and select a Service Board from which to send alerts.

Save the Integrator Login.

Now, when tickets are created in the specified board, an alert will be generated in AlertOps.  When you close the ticket in ConnectWise Manage, the alert in AlertOps will be closed as well.

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