Dynamic Grouping is available in the AlertOps Enterprise plan. Contact AlertOps Support at support@alertops.com to enable Dynamic Grouping.

Dynamic Grouping allows you to create User Attributes that can be associated to Groups, creating dynamic group membership opportunities.  Groups can be created as Dynamic, using the User Attributes to govern membership, with the Attributes being selectable in a User Profile.  These Groups can be focused on skills, job levels, responsibilities, locations, or many other things.

To begin, create User Attributes.  User Attributes are similar to Custom Alert Fields, but are applied differently.  They can be created and edited in the User Attributes sub-menu of the Administration menu.

To create a User Attribute, press the Add Attribute button in the top right corner.  This will present a dialogue box where you can give the Attribute a name, and select a Data Type:

Provide a name, the choose a Data Type from the drop-down menu:

The Data Type governs the form by which the User will select the Attribute.  For instance, Boolean will provide a checkbox (true/false), while ShortString allows you to configure a list.

Once your Attributes have been created, you may sequence them, or make them active/inactive from the list:

When you have finished building your list of Attributes, you can then create Groups that will address the Users who have selected the corresponding Attribute(s).

From the Groups & Schedules page, choose Add Group in the top right of the page.  Provide a Group Name that reflects the Attribute, and select the Dynamic checkbox:

Provide a Description (optional), and choose the Attribute, as well as a specific value if there is a list, and click REFRESH.

Update the Group, and it is now available to use as a Recipient Group, either in an Integration, or as a Workflow message target.

For a User to opt-in, (or for a Manager to select), go to the User Profile of that User, and select the Attributes tab.  From that page, select the Attribute, or the specific value for a particular Attribute, that corresponds to the Group:

Press Update User Attribute to save the selection.

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