1.  Sign in to your Google Admin Console and click on Apps, and then click on SAML apps

2. Click Add  at bottom right.
Click Setup my own custom app at the bottom.

3. Google IdP Information pops up. You need these values to configure AlertOps SSO settings. Copy the SSO URL and download the Certificate.

4. Enter Basic information and Service provider Details for Custom App.

Please replace Client with your respective AlertOps domain/account.
ACS URL: https://client.alertops.com/Login.aspx
Entity ID : https://client.alertops.com
Start URL: https://client.alertops.com
Name ID Format: EMAIL

Click Finish and you should see below message.

5. Turn the application to ON for everyone in SAML apps, so the users can access it.

6. Go to Account Settings in Alertops and then click SSO tab
Use Single Sign-On (SSO): Enable
SSO Provider: Other
Issuer URL: https://client.alertops.com  (client is your AlertOps domain)
SAML endpoint URL: Google IdP (SSO URL)
SAML Signature Algorithm: SHA256
X 509 Certificate: Certificate you downloaded from Google Idp

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