Apply the AlertOps Cherwell Incident Integration.mAppBP Blueprint

From the Home menu, click Apply a mApp

Filter for all file types.

Select the AlertOps Cherwell Incident Integration.mAppMP Blueprint files.

Click Next

Review and accept the License terms and click Next

Review the Localization settings and click next

Review the merge options settings and click Next

Review the merge actions and click Next:

Review the Summary of Changes and click Next

Review the Final Options and click Finish

Create a new BluePrint

Save as AlertOps Cherwell Incident

Publish the Blueprint.

Modify the AlertOps Web Service URI

Go to the Web Services Manager.

Expand Web Services and select AlertOps.

Edit the Web Service.

Replace the URL with your AlertOps Web API URL from the AlertOps Cherwell Inbound Integration.

Test the integration.

Log in to Cherwell Service Managment

 Create a new Incident.

Complete save the Incident.

Go to Inbound Messages Log in AlertOps. Verify that the Incident has been received from Cherwell.

View the Alert detail screen.

In Cherwell, assign an owner to the Incident and click Begin Work.

Next click Resolve.

Enter description:

Select Cause Code:

Verify the Incident is closed in AlertOps

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