Override Schedules allow for short term schedule changes that do not disrupt the rotation of users over the longer term schedule.  This is useful for holidays, maintenance periods, or any other exception to your regular schedule.

Individual, out of office exceptions are handled separately.  Override schedules are used to change the entire rotation for a period.  In the example below, we have created an Override schedule for our normal daytime operations over the coming Christmas holiday.

An Override schedule is a copy of an existing schedule, simply set for a specific period.  To create an Override schedule, clone an existing schedule and modify the start/end dates.  To clone a schedule, enter the detail page of that schedule, and choose the Clone Schedule button in the bottom right

Enter a name for the Override

Modify the appropriate settings, usually the Users in Schedule, and the Start and End Dates.  Change the color to distinguish from the regular schedule.

Save the new schedule and review the results.

The system will encounter two schedules for this team during the designated period.  The shorter schedule will take precedence, in this case the Holiday schedule will determine which users are in active roles for the period.  Once the Override schedule expires, the regular schedule will resume with no user input.

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