1. Click Add Application and select New SAML Application

2. Enter Application Details

3. Fill in Application Configuration Details

ACS URL: https://xxxxx.alertops.com/login.aspx

Entity ID: https://xxxxx.alertops.com

4. SSO Attribute Mapping

Advanced Attribute Options

Name ID Format to send to SP:


5. Add Group Access

6. Review Setup, download certificate and modified SSO URL to be used in AlertOps SSO configuration in next step.

7. AlertOps SSO Configuration

SSO Provider: Other

Issuer URL: https://xxxxx.alertops.com

SAML endpoint URL: modified SSO URL from Step 6

SSO URL: https://sso.connect.pingidentity.com/sso/sp/initsso?saasid=ssssss-ssss-sssss-ssss&idpid=yyyyyy-yyyyyy-yyyyy-yyyyy

SAML endpoint URL/Modified SSO URL: https://sso.connect.pingidentity.com/sso/idp/SSO.saml2?idpid=yyyyyy-yyyyyy-yyyyy-yyyyy

SAML Signature Algorithm: SHA256

x.509 Certificate: Downloaded certificate from Step 6

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