AlertOps Post Mortem Reports can be created once an alert has been closed. Post Mortem Reports may be Exported to Adobe PDF. Post Mortem Reports may not be available with all AlertOps price packages. Check with sales to see if this feature can be added to your plan.

To Create a Post Mortem Report

Once an alert has been closed, the Post Mortem tab becomes visible in the Alert Detail. Click Add Post Mortem to create a report.

Edit the Post Mortem Report Using Standard Fields

The Post Mortem Report contains the standard fields pictured below. There are three report states: Draft, In-Review and Published. You may Export the Report to PDF at any time.

Adding your Own Custom Fields to a Report

Post Mortem fields can be configured under Administration -> Post Mortem Fields. Initially, the Standard fields are displayed.

Click Add Post Mortem field to add additional fields.

Editing a Report with Custom fields

Editing a Post Mortem Report with custom fields is no different than using standard fields.

Export to PDF

Standard fields

Custom fields

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