AlertOps heartbeat Monitoring allows customers to listen for a signal or ‘hearbeat’ from an external source. When the heartbeat is interrupted for a specified period, an alert may be sent to a person or team. Only one alert will be sent for a Heartbeat alert. When heartbeat pulses have resumed for an open alert, the alert will be closed automatically. You can create multiple Heartbeat Monitors, each one will be tracked separately.

Configuring Heartbeat Monitoring

Heartbeat Monitoring can be found under the Inbound Integrations Menu.

Add a Heartbeat Integration

To Add a new Heartbeat Integration, select the Heartbeat tab under the Inbound Integration screen, and click Add Heartbeat Integration.

Configure the Heartbeat Integration

Enter a unique integration name, a Hearbeat interval in minutes, select the Escalation Rule to deliver the alert when the heartbeat has missed an interval check, finally, enter the Group(s) or User(s) to be notified when there is a missed interval. Click Save. Copy the API URL, this is the endpoint to which heartbeat alerts must be sent.

Test The Heartbeat

Using a tool such as Postman, send a JSON string to your Hearbeat Integration.

Receiving Heartbeat Alerts

Heartbeat alert notifications will be sent according to the Escalation Rule.

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