The Live Call Routing feature enables live phone calls from customers to be forwarded directly to your on-call team. You must contact AlertOps Support at to have a Live Call Routing phone number configured. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. A customer dials your routing number.
  2. The customer presses a number to direct the call to the right team. For example, they may dial 1 for HelpDesk and dial 2 for Support.
  3. Based on the team's on-call schedules, the call will be forwarded to on-call team members in sequence.
  4. If a team member has more than one phone number on their user profile, AlertOps will call each number.
  5. If no one is reachable in the sequence, the caller will be asked to leave a voice-message. An alert will be created and the voice message is added as an attachment to the alert to notify the on-call team.


  1. From the menu bar, hover over Call Routing and then, select Live Call Routing.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Incoming Call Routing Description: Enter a description for your Call Routing number.
  4. Welcome Message: Enter customized greetings to play for the customer.
  5. Use Custom Recording (mpeg,wav,aif format): Use this feature to use a recorded welcome message.
  6. Auto Attendant: Enable for callers to navigate between teams using a digit/key.
  7. Routing Key Assignment/Forward Call To: Assign a unique digit/key for each Team/Group when forwarding calls using Auto Attendant. Select a Group for the calls to be forwarded to (used when the Auto Attendant is not enabled).
  8. Allow Callers To Leave Voice Message: Enable to allow callers to leave a voice message (to be sent as an alert attachment to the Team/Group).
  9. Message Rule For Voice Message Notification: Select the Message Rule to be used when a voice message is sent as an alert.
  10. Call Simultaneously: Enable to call all the Team/Group members simultaneously.
  11. Language: Select a preferred language.
  12. Click Save Changes

View Activity

  1. From the menu bar, hover over Call Routing and then, select Live Call Activity.
  2. View activity by choosing a date and clicking Search.
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