On the User Management page, you can add user contacts, view or edit their security roles, view groups the user belongs to, and view their schedules. 

To reach the User Management page: 

  1. Click Users on the menu-bar. 
  2. Click on the desired user.

Contact Methods

Add contact methods so AlertOps knows how to contact the user. You may select contact methods such as email, SMS, or phone. Push notification contact methods are added automatically after a user registers their AlertOps mobile app. 

To add a contact method: 

  1. On the User Management page, click the the Contact Methods tab.
  2. Click on Add Contact Method in the bottom, right-hand corner. 
  3. Select a Contact Method from the drop-down menu.
  4. Add Contact Detail based on the type of contact method. 
  5. Change the Contact Sequence to decide which contact method to use first. 

Note: If using a centralized notification message rule, the user preferred contact methods will not work. In this case, the message rule will define the contact methods. 


View or edit User Roles. To edit User Roles you must be an App Admin.

To edit the user role:

  1. On the user management page, click on the Roles Tab.
  2. Select the desired role. 
  3. Click Update Role. 


View the user’s group memberships, along with their Group Member Roles (Primary, Secondary, or Manager). 


View the user’s schedules for all their groups.

Out of Office

Add Out of Office schedules so AlertOps knows when and when not to send alerts to a user. Learn more about Out of Office schedules here

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